Testing and Measuring

Component and Pressure Vessel Testing and Measuring Services

The Halvorsen Company provides precise component and ASME pressure vessel testing and measuring services as a part of our vessel fabricating process. We use a wide variety of techniques to test the quality of our work and to measure the custom steel and alloy components we build. We are one of the most trusted producers and suppliers of large, custom built-to-order, high quality carbon and stainless steel pressure vessels and process tanks in the United States.

We use hydrostatic tests, radiography tests and ultrasonic tests per the construction code in order to maintain safety standards and the durability of the pressure vessel or vessel component. We qualify newly manufactured custom carbon, stainless and alloy ASME Code fired and unfired pressure vessels, process tanks and storage tanks, steam drums, ammonia tanks, deaerators, custom heat exchangers, and flash and blowdown tanks using required Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) testing.

Our Quality Control and Assurance Program is managed by our Quality Manager. For information about our testing and measuring systems, please contact our Quality department using the information listed below.

Contact Our Quality Manager, Rudy Ramic:

Toll Free: 1-800-423-7080, extension 214
Direct Line: 216-706-2210
Email: rramic@halvorsenusa.com
Direct Fax Line: 216-706-2211

Precise Measurements:

We precisely measure the inside and outside dimensions of steel segments, steel sections and heavy steel components that we build. We have years of experience performing nondestructive testing (NDT) to examine the material integrity of our heavy steel plate fabrications and the pressure vessel systems we manufacture so that we do not impair the products future usefulness.

We also perform visual inspections of the parts and equipment we build. After plate cutting, we measure the plate to ensure close tolerances and perform dimensional inspections. After welding has been completed, we test our welds in accordance with the appropriate construction code, or customer specifications.

Our in-house Level II P.T., M.T. and AWS CWI inspectors perform testing and measuring work to make sure that our fabrications are ASME compliant. Our skilled craftsman and engineers use precise measuring instruments to determine that our fabrications meet the exact specifications dictated by our customers design or CAD drawings.

Core fabrication work that we perform includes engineering, plasma cutting, burning, press brake forming, bending, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treating, welding, machining, shearing, beveling and assembly. Our measuring systems are ideally suited to process heavy steel and alloy plate fabrications.

Recognition and Auditing:

Our quality systems are recognized and audited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). We hold ASME code construction certificates as follows; “U” Certificate # 3415, “S” Certificate # 3470 and “H” Certificate # 21,019.  We are also a holder of the National Board “R” Certificate # 2613. The Halvorsen Company has maintained these certificates on a continuous basis since 1955.

Our Quality Control and Assurance Program are also AWS D1.1 compliant, ISO 9000 compliant and API 650 compliant. We have third party contract services for RT, UT inspections. Other quality functions include First Article Inspections with documentation, spot or random inspections, 100% dimensional inspections, MTR verification and review and others as requested by our customers.

Specialty Testing and Measuring Equipment:

  • FARO Arm Platinum 12’ CMM
  • 80” VersaGage Hand-Held Measuring Device
  • 2 Calibrated Granite Inspection Tables
  • Multiple Layout Tables up to 16′ x 32′
  • Fully Calibrated and maintained instrumentation compliant to A.S.M.E. Code standards.

Learn More About Our Testing and Measuring Systems:

To learn more about our testing and measuring systems, please contact our Quality Manager, Rudy Ramic at 1-800-423-7080, extension 214 or 216-706-2210, by email at rramic@halvorsenusa.com or by direct fax at 216-706-2211.

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