The History of Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering and The Halvorsen Company

In December of 2013, The Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering Company announced that the business has been renamed The Halvorsen Company. This announcement was published by PRNewswire-iReach on February 24th, 2014. The press release is titled titled “Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering Renamed The Halvorsen Company“.

Ross Frick, the owner and president, changed the name because the service that the company offers far exceeds boiler manufacturing and repair, by covering a wide range of capabilities in addition to the ASME Code work done in the past.

Harold Halvorsen immigrated to Cleveland in 1917 from Norway as a degreed electrical engineer. He founded the Ohio Welding Company and then became a partner in the Boom Boiler and Welding Company in the 1920′s.

Wm. Birt Boom had organized the Boom Boiler and Welding Company in 1915 on Merwin St. in downtown Cleveland and incorporated it 2 years later. The company divided its work between the manufacture of boilers, tanks, machine bases, weldments and the repair of machines and boilers for lake vessel firms. They also produced and repaired steam ship boilers, built ASME units and were one of the premier innovators in the steel fabrication industry.

In 1952, Harold Halvorsen left the Boom Boiler and Welding Company and founded The Halvorsen Company in the industrial flats area of downtown Cleveland. The company operated as the Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering Company. His son, Gunnar Halvorsen, eventually took over the management of the company in the late 1970s. The company specialized in ship repairs, power boiler repairs and shop fabricated ASME code units.

The current management purchased the Halvorsen Company in 1986 and it is currently a privately held company. The firm continued the design and fabrication of ASME code units with a gradual elimination of field work on power boilers. The emphasis of the company became the improvement of the shop facilities and equipment. The company moved from the original location to a new facility in 1993.

The company is now considered “the fabricators’ fabricator”. The Halvorsen Company produces a wide variety of components for other steel fabricators that don’t have the specialized equipment or expertise. Our experience with hot forming materials is top of the line.

In the old days, people referred to our company as the Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering Company. Now, as times have changed and the phrase “boiler” has become dated and misunderstood, the company has changed the operating name to the corporate name which is The Halvorsen Company.

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