Vessels & Tanks

Halvorsen USA is recognized as one of North America’s leading ASME pressure vessel manufacturers and heavy plate fabricators. Since 1955 we’ve earned our reputation by providing our customers a no hassles, no headaches experience.

Halvorsen is a key supplier. We highly recommend Halvorsen to other vendors or customers who need heavy fabrications.
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We manufacture and fabricate high-quality ASME pressure vessels to exacting standards for use in the most demanding industrial environments. We deliver quality workmanship based on your required technical standards.

Types of Vessels and Tanks

We specialize in custom fabricating:

  • Industrial pressure vessels
  • Pressure reactors
  • Separators
  • Process equipment
  • Distillation towers
  • Knockout drums
  • Oil and gas pressure vessels
  • Acid settlers
  • Rotary dryers and kilns
  • Steam drums
  • Ammonia tanks
  • Steel refining furnaces and components
  • Converter vessels
  • Scrubbers
  • Separators
  • Filter tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Process tanks
  • Deaerators
  • Refractory lined vessels
  • Autoclaves
We get a quality job at an economical price. We do not have to check on or question the quality of the vessel. Halvorsen jobs are always right.
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Our facilities located in Cleveland, Ohio feature:

  • 110,000 square feet for heavy fabrication, welding, forming, vessel fab & assembly, plate cutting, engineering & customer support
  • Overhead lift in-house to 50 tons
  • Assisted lifts to 90 tons
  • Under hook height to 25 feet
  • Work-holding positioners to 50 tons
  • Continuous welding to 12’6”
  • Plate rolling to 12’6” wide
  • Plate forming to 30 feet long
  • Plate cutting — Oxy Fuel & Plasma 12’W x 50’L

Our Certifications:

  • ASME Code Certificates: “U” & “S”
  • National Board “R” Stamp
  • ASME Section VIII, Division I
  • ASME Section I
  • Compliance to A.W.S. and A.P.I. Standards

Our Vendor Network:

  • Third party inspection – MT, PT, UT, RT, Impact, Etc.
  • Blast, prime, & paint to customer specs
  • PWHT to 60’ x 15’ dia.
  • Domestic material suppliers
  • Calibrated test equipment
  • FEA analysis – PE support

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We’ll make sure your project is quoted correctly, built properly, and delivered promptly.
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Let us Quote Your Next Job!

We’ll make sure your project is quoted correctly, built properly, and delivered promptly.