Steel Plate Machining, Cutting, Boring and Grinding

The Halvorsen Company specializes in heavy steel and alloy plate machining, cutting, boring, grinding, engineering, manufacturing and fabrication services.  We provide a full line of steel plate machining services and we work with a variety of heavy duty steel and alloy materials. We provide high quality and precise CNC machining of heavy steel and alloy plate as well as large steel parts and components.

To talk to us about our machining services, call 1-800-423-7080 and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email

The Halvorsen Company can machine and fabricate heavy steel and alloy plate along with flat, parallel and square mounting plates, machine support plates, machine bases, machine beds, floor plates and sole plates. We produce machine plates and heavy steel plates that have precision machined holes and cut-outs.

We use large capacity horizontal and vertical CNC boring mills along with planer mills. Our machining facilities are capable of providing precision machining for many types of large machine plates.

The Halvorsen Company also specializes in custom rolling and forming of steel plate, custom metal and steel fabrication services, heavy steel plate fabrication, steel plate press brake forming, heavy alloy plate rolling, heavy duty plate bending, steel plate hot forming, steel plate cold forming, steel plate cutting, steel plate welding, steel plate heat treating and steel plate straightening services.

Other services include ASME code pressure vessel construction, grinding and polishing, machining, reverse engineering, inspection (CMM and NDE) and metallurgical services. The Halvorsen Company is an experienced custom plate and metal fabricator. We manufacture custom steel parts and specialty fabrication projects using plate steel, structural steel, aluminum, carbon steel, steel bar, armor plate and many other types of materials.

To submit a design or CAD drawing, request a quote for custom machining services, submit an RFQ, ask a sales engineer a question, discuss your current project, place a custom fabrication service order, or to schedule a tour of our custom fabrication facilities, please call 1-800-423-7080 and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email