Other Industries We Serve

The Halvorsen Company is a manufacturer of heavy steel plate fabrications and ASME pressure vessels with engineering and design capabilities. Halvorsen provides heavy steel plate fabrication and plate rolling services for many industries throughout the United States.

Services include heavy plate bending and rolling (hot and cold forming), custom fabricating, heat treating, plate straightening, flame and plasma cutting, ASME Code welding and fabricating, reverse engineering, custom design and engineering, certified inspection services and metallurgical consulting.

Products manufactured include armor and other military components, mining and wear resistant components, alloy gear blanks, ASME Code pressure vessels, process tanks, storage tanks, fabricated rings, formed cones, zinc and aluminum smelting pots, spools and galvanizing kettles.

ASME Code Certificates held by Halvorsen include U, H and S along with the national board “R” stamp. We have maintained these certificates and required Q.A. program since 1955.

Materials that we typically process include carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon alloy steels, high nickel alloys, aluminum, abrasion resistant (400 and 500 Bhn), high strength low alloy (HSLA) and armor plate.

If your company would like more information or would like to get an estimate or quote for custom steel fabrication services or ASME code pressure vessel manufacturing services, call 1-800-423-7080 and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email sales@halvorsenusa.com.

We serve the following industries as well as other industries:

  • Pipeline Repair Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Metals Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Architectural Industry
  • Agricultural & Food Processing Industry
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Industry
  • Renewable Energy Industry
  • Infrastructure, Towers and Bridges Industry
  • Foundry Industry
  • Field Machining Companies
  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Shipyards and Ship Building Industry
  • Utilities
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturers
  • Other Heavy Industries