The Halvorsen Company: A Pressure Vessel Engineering and Design Services Company – Call 1-800-423-7080 for Pricing or a Cost Estimate

The Halvorsen Company engineers and designs pressure vessels.  These engineering and design services are frequently provided in conjunction with our pressure vessel fabrication manufacturing and services.  Our firm produces, assembles, builds, tests, inspects and delivers ASME code pressure vessels and tanks to customers throughout the United States.  Our business provides pressure vessel (PV) engineering and design services to companies that do not want to maintain an in-house engineering staff. We also provide pressure vessel engineering and design services to customers that do not want to contract a third party pressure vessel engineering and design firm that will not be involved in the actual production and custom fabrication of the pressure vessel or tank.

Our V.P. of Manufacturing is Justin Frick. His direct telephone line is 216-706-2202. You can email him at or fax a document to 216-341-7557. Contact Justin Frick to learn more about The Halvorsen Company’s pressure vessel engineering and design services or to request a quote or estimate for these services.

Our fabricators specialize in manufacturing welded steel shells and cylinders and attaching dish shaped or convex head closures. Experienced pressure vessel engineers and designers that work at the Halvorsen Company include Ross Frick (President), Justin Frick (V.P. of Manufacturing) and Jim Musil (Chief Engineer).

Computer-aided design (CAD) software, engineering, drawing, computational and productivity tools that we use include the following:

  • SolidWorks is a solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) program we use to design and validate pressure vessels and tanks. We use it to design, draw and layout pressure vessels, tanks, components to ensure proper fit up of the fabricated unit.
  • AutoCAD is used to create detailed fabrication drawings of pressure vessels. These shop fabrication drawings are used in the manufacturing facility by welders, fabricators and machine operators.
  • PV Elite (Pressure Vessel Design Software) by Integraph is used to define pressure boundary conditions for pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Our firm specializes in ASME code pressure vessel engineering and design services.  Types of ASME compliant pressure vessels and tanks that we engineer and design include the following:

ASME Code Compliant Tanks and Pressure Vessels

  • pressurized tanks
  • pressure vessels
  • boiler steam drums
  • specialized boilers for the power generation industry
  • settler vessels
  • pulp and paper steaming vessels
  • knock-out pots (vapor–liquid separator)
  • Hydraulic Accumulators and Pneumatic Accumulators
  • storage tanks
  • cooker vessels (jacketed steam-cooker vessels)
  • stripper columns and towers
  • vertical water softener vessels
  • pressure reactors (reactor pressure vessels)
  • ASME separators
  • specialized heat exchangers
  • distillation towers (industrial fractionating columns)
  • oil and gas refinery pressure vessels
  • pressure vessels used as separators
  • flash tanks
  • rubber lined tanks
  • blow down tanks
  • compressed air vessels
  • mixing tanks
  • filter tanks
  • cyclone separators
  • industrial autoclaves
  • process tanks
  • API 650 Units
  • Deaerators

We also engineer and design components and fittings for pressure vessels that include the following:

    • power piping
    • external attachments
    • quick opening doors
    • head closures
    • manways
    • toriconical heads
    • welded components (fittings, shells, heads and pipings)
    • special flanges
    • nozzles
    • davits
    • shells
    • reinforcing pads
    • ladders and platforms for vertical and horizontal vessels
    • head assemblies
    • support saddles
    • sight glasses
    • forged parts

If your firm is interested in contracting with The Halvorsen Company to engineer or design a custom pressure vessel, please contact our V.P. of Manufacturing, Justin Frick. His direct telephone line is 216-706-2202. You can email him at or fax a document to 216-341-7557.

For more information on pressure vessel engineering, design and manufacturing please visit the following resources: