Steel and Alloy Plate Rolling Services

Steel, Metal and Alloy Plate Rolling, Forming, Fabricating, Processing, Welding and Bending Services

The Halvorsen Company provides plate rolling services, working with carbon steel, carbon alloys, stainless steel, stainless alloys, aluminum, copper, and most all plate materials, ranging from 3/8” thick to 4-1/2”, and up to 12’-8” wide. We strive to exceed expectations and industry standards in lead times, quality and service, at fair and competitive prices. Once you work with Halvorsen, you will see why our clients come to us for heavy plate rolling. We are experts in close tolerance work, and have many years of experience in high quality cylindrical and conical rolling.

Our experienced staff is a team of plate rolling experts. By understanding the physical and chemical properties of the materials we are working with, we can anticipate how the material will react to the stresses created by rolling, and allow for these characteristics in the finished product. We can both hot and cold roll plates, depending on material and thickness. We will press brake start, trim, weld prep bevel, roll and tack your materials, and we offer ASME welding and documentation should you choose to have us weld seams and re-roll to size/roundness, and supply ASME Code Partial Data Reports.

To talk to us about your plate rolling needs, or about shells or other rolled or formed  components, please call 1-800-423-7080 and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer, or email to

Listed below are components and shapes we form by plate rolling, secondary fabricating and engineering services we offer, materials we plate roll and process, industries we serve, our equipment and information on standards, compliance and certifications.

Components and Shapes Formed by Plate Rolling

  • Conventional Round Cylinders
  • Round, Elliptical, Obround, Oval, Helical, Conical and Circular Shapes
  • Large Diameter Steel Cylinders. Cylinders for Vessels and Cylinder Segments
  • Oval Cylinders with Parallel Sides
  • Pressure Vessels, Pressure Vessel Shells, A.S.M.E. Code Vessels and ASME/ASTM Pressure Vessels
  • Flash Drums, Steam Drums and Settler Vessels
  • Pulp and paper Steaming Vessels, ASME Flash Pipe Vessels, Knock-out Pots (vapor–liquid separator) and Steam Accumulators
  • Cooker Vessels (Jacketed Steam-Cooker Vessels), Stripper Columns, Pressure Reactors, ASME Separators, Heat Exchangers,  Distillation Towers, Knockout Drums, Nuclear Pressure Vessels, Stripper Towers and Oil and Gas Pressure Vessels for Refineries
  • OEM and Industrial Component Parts
  • Steel Parts and Components for Mining Machines, Mining Equipment and Companies that Run Mining Operations
  • Military and Armored Vehicle Components
  • Partial Data Cylinders
  • Atmospheric Tanks
  • Radioactive Material Containers
  • Storage Tanks, Transport Tank Bodies and Shells
  • Gear Blanks
  • Boilers and Boiler Drums
  • Complex Build-To-Print Nuclear Fabrications
  • Welded and Rolled Cylinders and Cones
  • Heavy Weldments
  • ASME Code Parts
  • Steel, Metal and Alloy rings
  • Shell Plates for Large Diameter Storage Tanks
  • Repads, Elbows, Fittings and Transitions
  • Arcs, Angles and Channels
  • Flats Between Bends and Multi-Radius Bends
  • Heavy Plate Fabrications
  • Build to Print and Custom Fabrications
  • Cold and Hot Forming
  • Custom Roll Formed Stainless Steel Cylinder Segments
  • Custom Formed Steel Section Component Parts
  • Heat Exchanger Components

Secondary Fabricating and Engineering Services:

  • Steel and Alloy Plate Rolling
  • Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling service
  • Plate Rolling for Custom Structural Applications
  • Adherence to Tight Roundness Tolerances
  • Custom Plate Rolling
  • Laser and Plasma Cutting
  • Production of Prototypes and Large Quantity Volume
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Beam, Angle and Channel Rolling
  • Plate Forming and Bending
  • Custom Pipe Rolling and Tube Rolling
  • Design, Engineering, CAD Drawings (CAD/CAM software: Solidworks, AutoCAD, PVElite) and Material Selection
  • Heat Treating: Stress Relieving, Normalizing and Annealing
  • Plate Burning, Shearing and Beveling
  • Plate Flattening, Straightening and Cutting
  • Precision Laser Cut Stainless Steel Plates
  • Tube and Pipe Bending
  • Press Brake Forming and Bending
  • Step, Air, or Bump Forming
  • Plate/Component Blasting, Sand Blasting, Abrasive Blasting, Welding, Machining and Painting
  • Custom Plasma Cut and Beveled Steel Component Parts
  • Inspection and Metallurgical Services
  • Material Testing: Brinell Hardness, Charpy Impact (V-Notch), Radiographic (X-Ray) and Ultrasonic

Materials We Plate Roll, Roll Bend and Process:

  • Carbon Steel and Carbon Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys and High Nickel Alloys
  • HSLA Steel (High-Strength Low-Alloy)
  • Domex High Strength Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat Resistant Alloys
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys
  • Abrasion Resistant Alloys
  • Aluminum and Aluminum 50 Series
  • High-Strength Alloys and Steel
  • Non-ferrous Materials
  • Clad Material
  • Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate
  • 4140, 4340 and 4150 Steel Plate
  • 11-14% Hadfield Grade Austenitic Manganese Steel
  • 304 and 304L Stainless Steel
  • 310 Stainless Steel
  • 316 and 316L Stainless Steel
  • 321 Stainless Steel
  • A36 and SA-36 Carbon Steel
  • A514B Carbon Steel
  • SA-514 / SA-517 Steel
  • A516-70, SA-516-70 / SA-516-70N Carbon Steel
  • A572-50 Carbon Steel
  • API Carbon Steel
  • PVQ Steel, T1 Steel and other Pressure Vessel Materials
  • C-1045 Steel
  • Alloy 600, 625, 800
  • Nickle 200
  • Armor Plate
  • Alloy Clad Plate
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel (AR) and Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate
  • AR400 / AR400F
  • AR450 / AR450F
  • AR500 / AR500F
  • AISI-4140
  • AISI-4340
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • HARDOX® Wear Plate
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Titanium

Industries We Serve:

  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Mining Equipment
  • Marine and Ship Building
  • Construction Equipment
  • Fluid Processing
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Nuclear and Alternative Energy
  • Contract Engineering Firms
  • Steel, Pulp and Paper Mills and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Military and Armor Vehicle Components
  • Steel Supply and Service Centers
  • Job & Machine Shops

Plate Rolling, Roll Bending, Press Brake Forming and Steel Plate Fabrication Equipment:

We use a three-roll initial pinch to roll steel, alloy and metal. This 3-roll pinch type plate roll, which is also called a 3 roll initial pinch plate bending roll, is used to custom roll form small to large diameter cylinder segments, custom shapes and segments. Halvorsen owns and operates a total of five plate rolls to accommodate your plate rolling needs.

  • Large Plate Rolling Equipment
  • Heavy Steel Plate Rolling Machines
  • Roll Bending Machines
  • Press Brake Forming Machines
  • Heavy Capacity Plate Rolls
  • High Speed Plate Rolling Machines
  • Variable Geometry 3-Roll Pinch Type Plate Roll
  • CNC Controlled Machines with Data Tables
  • 2 car bottom furnaces: 1 electric, 1 gas fired with capacity of 9′ x 9′ x 17’6″ to 100,000 lbs. Furnaces for stress relieving, annealing and normalizing.
  • Welding and cutting, S.A.W., G.M.A.W., G.T.A.W., S.M.A.W., positioners to 100,000 lbs. capacity, welding manipulators to 12′ x 12′ capacity.
  • 5 plate bending rolls with capacities through 4 1/2″ thick x 12’8″ long. Hot rolling as required through 4 1/2″ thick.
  • 4 hydraulic press brakes with capacity of 600 tons through 2,000 tons. Capacities through 6″ thick x 30′ long.
  • Plate straightening and flattening through 12″ thick.
  • Vertical Boring Mills
  • Planer Mills
  • 1 Faro-Arm, and 1 Faro-Tracker Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Industry Standards, Compliance, ASME Construction Certificates, Testing and Inspection:    

  • “U” Certificate # 3415
  • “S” Certificate # 3470
  • A.S.M.E. code certificates: “U” and “S” with required corresponding A.S.M.E. Q.A. program since 1955.
  • National Board “R” Certificate # 2613
  • National board “R” Stamp
  • Compliance to A.W.S. and A.P.I. Standards
  • A.S.M.E. BPVC Certified Welding
  • ISO 9002 Compliant
  • R Stamp
  • U Stamp
  • Quality Control and Assurance Program also complies with the following: AWSD 1.1 compliant, ISO 9000 compliant, API 650 compliant
  • In- house level III P.T. and M.T.
  • In-house Certified Welding Inspector (C.W.I.)
  • Level III contractor for R.T., U.T. and A.W.S.C.W.I. at our facility.

To get pricing, rates, fees, expenses or an estimate for a steel plate rolling, bending, forming or fabricating job or project, contact Justin Frick at 1-800-423-7080 or email Justin Frick at to request a quote or price for your steel plate rolling project.

Additional Information on Plate Rolling and Roll Bending: