The Halvorsen Company of Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer of industrial grade pressure vessels and also engineers and designs pressure vessels. We custom fabricate heavy steel and alloy plate into cones, segments, shells, heads, cylinders, gear blanks and other components. We also design and fabricate large, heavy and complex weldments and weldment assemblies.

We have been manufacturing heavy steel plate fabrications since 1955. We specialize in designing, engineering, fabricating and manufacturing high quality carbon and stainless steel ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) pressure vessels and boiler components. Our capabilities include heavy steel and alloy press brake forming and bending to fabricate metal components for manufacturers and industrial companies. The Halvorsen Company is a leading supplier and manufacturer of rolled and welded steel cones and cylinders.  Click here to learn more about our steel plate fabrication services and value added manufacturing. Halvorsen Company is a manufacturer and supplier of large diameter, heavy steel and alloy gear blanks. Halvorsen Company provides code tank and A.S.M.E. code tank custom manufacturing and fabrication services. Learn about our pressure vessel manufacturing and fabrication process by viewing our project picture portfolio. Watch our video titled pressure vessel manufacturing on YouTube. You can also watch a video that shows the delivery and transportation of a pressure vessel manufactured by The Halvorsen Company on YouTube.

To learn more about the Halvorsen Company, read the press release posted by PRNewswire-iReach on February 24th, 2014 titled “Halvorsen Boiler and Engineering Renamed The Halvorsen Company”. Click here to visit our “Industry and Company News” page to read the press release.

Halvorsen operates two steel and alloy fabrication and pressure vessel manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. The steel fabrications and pressure vessels we produce are used in manufacturing, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and process equipment. We provide ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) construction services to custom fabricate pressure vessels, process tanks, heat exchangers, storage tanks and boiler components. Our Quality Control and Assurance Program focuses on complying with the appropriate ASME codes and standards during the design, fabrication and inspection of the pressure vessels we build to ensure worker health and safety and to prevent safety hazards. We hold ASME code construction certificates as follows; “U” Certificate # 3415, “S” Certificate # 3470 and “H” Certificate # 21,019. We are also a holder of the National Board “R” Certificate # 2613. We have maintained these certificates on a continuous basis since 1955. We employ in house Level II P.T., M.T. and AWS CWI inspectors.

Professionals in the pressure vessel manufacturing, engineering, fabrication and operations industry are provided with ongoing education and reference resources on The Halvorsen Company web page titled “Pressure Vessel Manufacturing, Engineering Industry News.” The ASME pressure vessels we fabricate and manufacture are extremely safe to operate due to our experience and quality standards. Click here to watch a YouTube video showing a pressure vessel loaded on a delivery truck as it leaves the manufacturing facility being delivered and transported to a chemical plant operated by a fertilizer company in Ohio that produces solid and liquid fertilizers for agriculture and other industrial products.

Halvorsen Company is a supplier of custom steel gear blanks. We manufacture, form and fabricate large gear blanks for industrial drives and gear units.

We offer a wide range of heavy steel and alloy plate fabrication capabilities and services. Our versatile and skilled craftsman have many years of experience performing heavy steel plate bending, plate forming, metal forming, cold forming, CNC plasma cutting, hot forming, welding and weld repair, plate rolling, press brake forming, steel plate cutting, plate straightening, heat treating, steel plate flattening, machining, testing and measuring. We process and fabricate high strength steel plate, including T1 and A514 and heat resistant steel and alloy plate. The metalworkers at Halvorsen are experts at burning, shearing and beveling steel plate (plate steel) and flat sheet metal thicker than a 1/4 inch.

We process many types of steel and alloy materials to construct segments, shapes, armor components, wear resistant components, alloy gear blanks, heavy sections, heavy wall rolled and welded cylinders, fabricated rings, formed cones and  “build to print” custom fabrications. We are well respected fabricators of stainless steel (304/304L, 316/316L), non-ferrous alloys, nickel alloys, chrome carbide overlay plate, clad plate, aluminum, copper, brass, manganese steel, P.V.Q., H.S.L.A., A/R Plate to 500 BHN, carbon steel and corrosion and abrasion resistant alloys. Our steel fabrication and pressure vessel manufacturing equipment includes a 2000 ton x 30′ long hydraulic press brake with CNC controls and equipped with a wide variety of tooling, four plate rolls to 4 1/2″ thick by 12’8″ capacity, a car bottom gas furnace and a car bottom electric furnace. We operate 115,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities.

Our industry customers include oil and gas refineries, power generation, steel mills, pulp mills, paper mills, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), petrochemical plants, mining equipment manufacturers, nuclear facilities, military and defense contractors, job and machine shops, steel supply and service centers and contract engineering firms.

We are a custom steel fabricator for the surface mining industry. We form steel parts and components for mining machines, mining equipment and companies that run mining operations.

To learn more about The Halvorsen Company or to work with us call 1-800-423-7080 and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email sales@halvorsenusa.com. We invite your company to get an estimate or place an order for steel fabrication services or pressure vessel design, engineering and manufacturing services. Call us at 1-800-423-7080 to submit a design or CAD drawing, request a quote or submit an RFQ, ask a sales engineer a question, discuss your current project or to schedule a tour of our facilities. To learn more about the Halvorsen Company, visit Google+. Click here for information on pressure vessel manufacturing and fabrication cost estimates, quotes, pricing, rates and expenses.

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